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Quality and environmental policy

Quality and environmental policy

Indus’ priority is to offer quality services that satisfy clients, as this is considered to be vital for ensuring the future and continuity of the company.
Therefore, the Management:

•  Is continually concerned with the level of satisfaction of its clients.

•  Is committed to introducing, maintaining and updating the Quality Management System, continually improving it.

•  Cares about the image that the market has of the company.

•  Is committed to providing the necessary human resources and materials for the execution of projects and the provision of services.

•  Informs, motivates and involves the employees, and encourages the proposal of improvement initiatives.

•  Encourages the constant training of staff and evaluates the performance.

•  Guarantees the translation of the quality policy into specific, achievable, coherent and measurable goals on all levels of the organisation. The achievement of goals will ensure client satisfaction, the main objective of the quality policy.

•  Reviews the quality management system.



At INDUS, we are committed to promoting environmental sustainability and minimizing our ecological footprint. We recognize the urgent need to address climate change, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and preserve our natural resources for future generations.
This environmental policy outlines our commitment to sustainable practices across various aspects of our operations, including energy consumption, greenhouse gases, waste management, recycling, and the promotion of sustainable consumption.


Energy Consumption

Energy Efficiency: We will strive to minimize energy consumption by adopting energy-efficient technologies and practices in our facilities and operations. This includes the use of energy-efficient lighting, equipment, and machinery, as well as implementing energy management systems to monitor and optimize energy usage. We will also work on reducing energy loss points by improving our premises with better insulation and protection from external conditions.
Renewable Energy: We will actively explore and buy energy from renewable sources, such as solar, wind, and geothermal, to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. We will seek opportunities to generate clean energy onsite and consider purchasing renewable energy from reliable sources.
Employee Awareness: We will promote energy conservation among our employees by raising awareness about the importance of reducing energy consumption and providing guidelines for energy-efficient practices in the workplace as well as in the design of the buildings for our clients.


Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Emission Reduction: We are committed to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by implementing measures to mitigate our impact on climate change. This includes setting emissions reduction targets, tracking our emissions, and implementing strategies to minimize our carbon footprint.

Transportation: We will encourage the use of environmentally friendly transportation options, such as carpooling, public transportation, and cycling, to reduce emissions from employee commuting and business travel. We shall provide room for bicycle storage at our premises. We will enter into agreements with electrical vehicles carpooling companies for our employees.

Supply Chain: We will collaborate with our suppliers and contractors to encourage them to adopt sustainable practices, reduce emissions, and prioritize environmentally friendly alternatives. Through our design of buildings and its installations we will look for materials and solutions that reduce the greenhouse gas emissions. We shall prioritize certified environmentally friendly sources for our suppliers.



Waste Management and Recycling

Waste Reduction: We will implement waste reduction strategies, such as minimizing packaging waste, promoting the use of reusable materials, and encouraging employees to avoid unnecessary printing and paper waste.

Recycling: We will establish comprehensive recycling programs in our facilities, ensuring the proper separation, collection, and recycling of materials, including paper, plastics, glass, metal, printing devices, batteries and electronic waste. We will educate our employees about recycling practices and provide the necessary resources and infrastructure to facilitate recycling.

Waste Disposal: We will comply with all relevant waste disposal regulations and strive to minimize the amount of waste sent to landfills. Where possible, we will explore alternative waste treatment methods, such as bringing waste at green points (Deixalleria) where it can be treated for recycling to minimize the environmental impact of waste disposal.



Promotion of Sustainable Consumption

Building Design: We will integrate sustainability principles into our building design process, considering the life cycle impacts of the construction products and striving to develop innovative solutions that minimize resource consumption, maximize energy efficiency, and promote circular economy principles. We train our employees in design best practices to achieve more efficient building design.

Customer Education: We will actively engage and educate our customers about the environmental benefits of our designs and services. This includes providing information on sustainable usage, maintenance, and disposal practices to encourage responsible consumption.

Collaboration and Advocacy: We will collaborate with industry peers, organizations, and government bodies to advocate for policies that promote sustainable consumption, support clean technologies, and drive environmental stewardship within our industry. We will be active members of the Cluster for Energy Efficiency in Catalonia and other organisations, which promote environmental good practices in the industry.



Continuous Improvement and Monitoring

We are committed to regularly reviewing and improving our environmental performance. We will set measurable targets, monitor key environmental indicators, and report progress on a periodic basis. We will encourage employee participation and engagement in environmental initiatives and foster a culture of environmental responsibility throughout our organization.

This policy shall be reviewed periodically to ensure its effectiveness and alignment with the evolving needs of our organization. In order to enhance the policy, Management will consider the feedback from employees and stakeholders.




At INDUS, we recognize that environmental sustainability is essential for the well-being of our planet and future generations. This policy serves as a guide for our commitment to reducing energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, managing waste, promoting recycling, and encouraging sustainable consumption. By implementing these practices, we aim to be a responsible steward of the environment and contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.

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