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Quality and environmental policy

Quality and environmental policy

Indus’ priority is offering quality services that satisfy its clients, as it considers this to be vital for ensuring the future and continuity of the company.
For that reason, the Management:

Bullets Rombo Is continually concerned with the level of satisfaction of its clients.

Bullets Rombo Is committed to introducing, maintaining and updating the Quality Management System, continually improving it.

Bullets Rombo Concerns itself with the image that the market has of the company.

Bullets Rombo Is committed to providing the necessary human resources and materials for the realisation of projects and the provision of services.

Bullets Rombo Informs, motivates and involves the organisation’s employees, encouraging suggestions for improvement.

Bullets Rombo Encourages the constant training of staff and evaluates efficacy.

Bullets Rombo Guarantees the translation of the quality policy into concrete, achievable, coherent and measurable goals on all levels of the organisation. The meeting of goals will ensure client satisfaction, the main objective of the quality policy.

Bullets Rombo Revises the quality management system.


Indus Management’s Environmental Strategy is chiefly based on the fulfilment of the following environmental objectives:

Bullets Rombo Awareness of the environment.

Bullets Rombo Improve the environmental performance of the organisation’s activities and the company’s image.

Bullets Rombo Compliance with the current legislation regarding the environment.

Bullets Rombo Knowledge of the current legal obligations and new ones that are introduced.

Bullets Rombo Reduction of costs in an environmentally respectful manner.

Bullets Rombo Reduction of the volume of waste generated.

Bullets Rombo Reduction of the environmental footprint of the company (improvements in energy use, etc.)

Bullets Rombo Future development of an environmental management system that involves the participation of all employees.

Bullets Rombo Advice for clients to ensure that their buildings are more respectful of the environment.

So that INDUS can properly implement the proposed environmental policy, it has created the position of “responsible for environmental matters”. He/she will be in charge of:

Bullets Rombo Defining environmental strategies, goals and final objectives.

Bullets Rombo Ensuring the complete commitment of all members of management, middle management, workers and collaborators.

Bullets Rombo Plan employee training.

Bullets Rombo Ensure the progressive participation and involvement of all members of the company.

Bullets Rombo Lead the company towards set environmental objectives.

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