The INDUS department of legal engineering is specialised in the development of the security management of the facilities.

We have specialists in the following fields:

General for the premises:


Bullets Rombo Environmental permits/environmental licences/activity licences

Bullets Rombo Registration of industrial premises

Bullets Rombo Self-protection plan

Bullets Rombo Health registration

Audit and technical-legal consultancy:


Bullets Rombo Technical-legal audit of the premises and regulated industrial facilities.

Bullets Rombo Establishment of the program for adhering to regulations.

Bullets Rombo Preparation of the file of administrative permits.

Bullets Rombo Implementation of the tool for the telematic management of the file.

Bullets Rombo Management of the file of permits and periodical reviews.

Bullets Rombo Warning service, and update of new regulations

Industrial security:


Bullets Rombo Pressurised equipment

Bullets Rombo Thermal building services for the purposes of comfort

Bullets Rombo Low voltage electrical building services

Bullets Rombo High voltage electrical supply

Bullets Rombo Refrigerating installations

Bullets Rombo Flammable gas installations

Bullets Rombo Storage of chemical products

Bullets Rombo Fire protection building services

Bullets Rombo Oil supply

Bullets Rombo Lifting devices

Bullets Rombo Serious accidents



Bullets Rombo Discharge of waste waters

Bullets Rombo Waste management

Bullets Rombo Potential atmospheric contaminants

Bullets Rombo Prevention of legionellosis

Bullets Rombo Noise

Bullets Rombo Soil pollution

Bullets Rombo Environmental responsibility

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