The INDUS department of legal engineering is specialised in the development of the security management of the facilities.

We have specialists in the following fields:

General for the premises:

  •  Environmental permits/environmental licences/activity licences
  •  Registration of industrial premises
  •  Self-protection plan
  •  Health registration

Audit and technical-legal consultancy:

  •  Technical-legal audit of the premises and regulated industrial facilities.
  •  Establishment of the program for adhering to regulations.
  •  Preparation of the file of administrative permits.
  •  Implementation of the tool for the telematic management of the file.
  •  Management of the file of permits and periodical reviews.
  •  Warning service, and update of new regulations

Industrial security:

  •  Pressurised equipment
  •  Thermal building services for the purposes of comfort
  •  Low voltage electrical building services
  •  High voltage electrical supply
  •  Refrigerating installations
  •  Flammable gas installations
  •  Storage of chemical products
  •  Fire protection building services
  •  Oil supply
  •  Lifting devices
  •  Serious accidents


  •  Discharge of waste waters
  •  Waste management
  •  Potential atmospheric contaminants
  •  Prevention of legionellosis
  •  Noise
  •  Soil pollution
  •  Environmental responsibility

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