Various projects at the El Prat brewery

  • Location: El Prat de Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain
  • Client: S.A. Damm
  • Services: Project and construction management
  • Surface Area: 4.000 m2, including 3.000 m2 of demolitions
  • Year: 2006 – TODAY

At the Damm brewery in El Prat del Llobregat, various projects have been undertaken. Normally, projects have been designed with a clear, industrial aim, in which the needs of the process and structural design take precedence. Mainly, warehouses have been constructed. Experience with similar designs has helped significantly in the design phase. Some cellars have also been expanded. Here, the structural design has been extremely important. Also, the adaptation of spaces to new packaging lines was undertaken. In this case, our knowledge of the process and the necessary features of the environment culminated in a high-quality project and design. Furthermore, the brewing area, the bagasse and milling tanks, and other high calibre tanks, have also been expanded through large and complex changes that took long periods of design and implementation. The coordination with the suppliers of the processing equipment has been key for the successful finalisation of the project.