Production and research plant for

vaccinations for the veterinary sector

  • Location: Onzonilla, León, Spain
  • Client: Calier
  • Services: Masterplan, project, construction management, validations and assessments
  • Surface Area: 5.500 m2
  • Year: 2014-2017

Calier, a subsidiary of the Indukern Group, undertook the conversion of the facilities that, until that point, had been the old business incubator of the European Centre of Companies and Innovation in Onzonilla (León, Spain), into a new industrial and office building intended for the manufacture of vaccinations for the veterinary sector.

The new plant was intended for the production of bacterial and viral vaccinations, produced both through embryo eggs and cellular cultivation.

The project involved the construction of a new industrial building intended for production, spread over 4,500m2 on the ground floor and 1,800m2 on the first floor; a circular two-floor office building (both 500m2) with a large central atrium; and a rectangular power centre of 420m2, to house the service centres for the new production needs.
Both buildings were connected by an aerial rack, designed both for linking general building services and for employees to move between them.
On the other hand, the architecture of the rooms and the constructive solutions used in the production areas, as well as the air conditioning system, have been designed considering exposure to biological agents.

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