Nike Outlet and underground carpark

  • Location: La Roca del Vallès, Barcelona, Spain
  • Client: Grupo corporativo landon
  • Services: Project and construction management
  • Surface Area: 5.616m2
  • Year: 2012- 2018

Indus was responsible for the project and construction management of the Nike Factory Store.
Nike had a premise in the Roca del Vallès outlet shopping centre, in a prefabricated space of almost 1,100m2. Approximately three-quarters of it was store, and the rest was warehouse and back office. Furthermore, it had a tarmacked parking area, and an empty area of land that formed part of the same plot.
The owner of the plot and Nike came to an agreement to expand the store and increase the number of parking spaces.
So, the building was expanded more than 1600m2, and an underground car park for 126 vehicles, and a surface one for 52 vehicles were built.
The old building was renovated, and the plot was urbanised to create the access points to the parking areas, loading and unloading area, and a perimeter circuit to allow access to the fire services.
The aim behind this project was a better integration within the space, maintaining the floor level of the existing building. This meant that the shop’s floor would stay below street level. This difference in level was overcome by a planted slope. To attain a building that was not shocking despite its large volume, different textures were used on the facade: glass, metal, concrete…
The new commercial building is totally open-plan to allow Nike to configure it however it wishes. This meant 25 metres spans between pillars on the facade.
To allow the works to be carried out within the time frame (14 months), the structural solution was prefabricated concrete. Given the height of the building (12 metres), the owners wanted to ensure that the building could have a mezzanine added in the future. Not only a tight deadline was demanded, but also the works carried out had to be done whilst the store remained open, which required a significant amount of planning and opening in phases.
It was also necessary to go through a lot of formalities (moving of a gas line, approval of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, approval of the Catalan Water Agency, ACA –from Spanish acronym–, etc.).
Currently, the Roca del Vallès is the biggest Nike Factory Store in the world.